About me

well, I love to dance.
Here I was dancing a really depressing contemporary piece.
Baby Cacau. She's almost an adult now and such a terrorist.

West Side Story - Ameeeerica - This was fun!

Favourite photographer.

My pointe collection. Gaynor Minden are pretty much destroyed now.

Travel is like breathing.

Favourite catwalk.

My first Pointe shoes (At age 30 - Yes, yes, yes!).                                           Addiction.

The man of my life.                  This year I'm also taking Tap Dance lessons.

Favourite city to live.


Flashdance - What a feeling (I'm in the center.) Hated those rehearsals.

Studied and practice Law.

Beach person.
Morning person.

My tan Salsa shoes.

Dog & Bird lover.

Obviously, I also love regular shoes.
And clothes.

I guess I don't sleep in a room but in a closet (Photo: Small part of my old store.).

This is how I love my soft Ballet shoes.Like a rag doll.

Can't live far away from the ocean.

Food & chocolate lover.

Music. Always.

Reading, writing & dreaming for the soul.
I try to dance whenever I can. Even at work.

The craziest tutu I ever wore (Red, orange and yellow big feathers on top.).

Fly, fly, fly. Dreaming or awake.