quarta-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2012

Saia-calça in English

As you may guess by the previous post I decided to also blog in English.

Don't get me wrong this isn't me trying to go international. I mean, that's not the main reason why I want to write in English. I used to speak and write a pretty decent English as I worked in a large law firm several years ago and 95% of my work and communication was in this language. In those days I used to think and even dream in Her Majesty The Queen's language. Sometimes it was too much. I lived in Portugal, for god's sake. Why was I thinking in English all the time? But now... It's gone. Gone with the wind and all of those challenging contracts and legal opinions.

It's embarrassing. I question every single word, verb and sentence.  It's not acceptable and I really want to improve it. So why not do it by practising it in my blog? What's to loose? The only thing that may happen is you get pretty good free laughing material and that's not the end of the world.

I also noticed that both my Tumblr and Pinterest have more foreign followers than Portuguese ones. So, Why not include the blog? All of them aim for that luxurious and impeccable elegance and let's face it: Portugal is broke. Portuguese fashionistas dream about Primark, H&M and the "expensive" Zara. How can they go for Celine, Armani and Balenciaga? If I want some readers I have to look abroad! (Yes, it's a bad joke. I know.)

On the other hand, you must be grateful. I could choose French or even German. That would be interesting.

Also don't expect an accurate translation. That simply doesn't work and isn't my goal. All I can do is to promise to strive for improving. Do expect shorter posts (Yes!). I will learn how to be brief but sadly it isn't going to happen in this post.

Please feel free to slap me whenever you find here spelling mistakes, grammar errors, inappropriate vocabulary or punctuation, or even an unclear content that is inconsistent with the message being communicated. Portuguese included.


BTW, Saia-calça is a portuguese word that means divided skirt. Skirt-trousers in a literal translation. Style for both genders.

4 comentários:

jo disse...

Bem, como fomos convidados a tal, espero que não me leves a mal mas cá vai:
Linha 1 - "As you may GUESS...";
Linha 14- "...you must BE grateful...";

e sim, eu sei que provavelmente foi um deslize no teclado e não exactamente um spelling mistake, but still...here's my humble contribution to your resolution of improving your English!

(É engraçado que eu muitas vezes também penso em Inglês, e o curioso é que nunca tive propriamente de falar ou escrever em Inglês de uma forma frequente...mas acontece-me ao ponto de às vezes me lembrar de palavras em Inglês antes de me lembrar em Português!)

xoxo ;)


Alexandra disse...

Obrigada, Jo! Não levo a mal, pelo contrário. Agradeço e muito! Ainda por cima tenho uma certa dislexia ao escrever. É parvo porque revi o texto várias vezes e como é óbvio "guest" e "me" não fazem qualquer sentido. :)


Pulha Garcia disse...

Jolly good, my dear. Care for some tea with those contracts?

Alexandra disse...


Yes, please!